The only reason pop songs are "popular" is because big record companies pay for them to be played so much. But the genre of "pop" should be able to differ between different genres that other people find popular to them. As an example, if Rock was someone's favorite genre, it would be popular to them, therefore COULD be considered pop to their standards. amirite?

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That's called "favorite genre."
Pop comes from the word "popular", but you don't say "Rock is my popular genre."

Pop is a genre whose name originated from 'popular' but they are not synonyms. In the same way that my friend George is not a founding father of the USA just because he's named George, and also that Franklin's first name did not change to George or Washington's name to Benjamin because they are both founding fathers.

I sort of like it when songs are labeled as "pop." It's my red flag to stay the hell away.

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