You find it stupid how high schools schools work, anyone can get good grades, and you have to make a decision for what you want to make a living but the decision making part of your brain doesn't fully develop till your 25, Your 15-18 self shouldn't dictate whether you succeed or fail at life, amirite?

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While it is often strongly encouraged, you do not actually have to make a decision and stick with it the rest of your life. You can try out different interests and change your mind a thousand times before picking what you want to do as a career.

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Then go see the world. No one is physically forcing you to go to college right after high school or even at all for that matter. Find what makes you happy and do it. Happiness will get you a lot further in life than money will. As long as you have enough to make ends meet, then who cares?

But I do have one thing to correct. People still have responsibilities between high school and college. No, it's not the responsibilities of a family or a mortgage, or what have you, but there are still responsibilities.

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