Some people don't understand that there is nothing racist, sexist, or bigoted about statistics, amirite?

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You're completely right. Saying statistically more men are better at sports than women isn't sexist, but saying since more men are better at sports and you are a women, you are bad at sports is sexist.

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A woman might be better than most men at sports, but the top men from each sport will always beat the top women from the same sport. And that's more of a scientific issue than a statistical one. Unlike some seemingly racist statistics (ex: Hispanics in America are generally poor by American standards), the statistics are simply backing up the science in the case of each different gender's ability to play sports.

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Yeah, I agree it shouldn't be pushed in their faces, and I'm not condoning the OP of that post. But it was really annoying that people tried to deny it...

Statistics are very precarious things to interpret, and, as cherry blossom points out, they can be biased or attributed to confounding factors. For example, I can accurately say that there were 3 poor white people for every 1 poor black person in the US in 2009. yet, I can also accurately say that around 11 percent of white people were poor and about 23 percent of black people were poor. Both are accurate statistics, but you must take care to interpret them correctly. Also, most of the time not enough information is given to correctly interpret statistics.

Are you thinking of the post where people got upset because men are better at sports than women?

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