keeping money in your bra seems like a great idea, until you get a paper cut, amirite?

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I've never got a paper cut from that. But it's pretty embarrassing when you pull out your money to pay for something and it's all warm and wet.

One time me and my cousin went to 7-11 and I forgot I had my money in my bra, so I awkwardly pull it out. Then the guy gives me back my change (a bunch of quarters and shit) and without thinking I shout, "How do I fit this in my bra?!"

I got a lot of weird looks that day

Where I'm from, money is plastic, so I never had that problem. Then I went over to Europe for a while, went to a concert, and pulled out the wettest 20 Euro note I've ever seen. I felt like shit :D

weeee plastic money shits on paper money

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