You were a little weirded out when you learned that in order to become a moderator on here you have to win a game of backgammon against Anthony while singing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" in the nude, amirite?

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Really? I just did that for fun.. wary smilie

How is that weird? Weird would be doing it with our clothes ON.

Well then, there goes my ambition to become a mod.

I suck at backgammon. (cry2)

ive memorized that song and know backgammon ....hmmmm and my clothes come off I do believe.

Good thing I actually know this song by heart!

Now I've just gotta improve my backgammon game....

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Wait... Is that legit? Cause I'd love to be a mod!

Wait, that's not how you're supposed to play backgammon?

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What's a moderator?

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@What's a moderator?

Someone who takes mods and applies them to amirite. Like aim bots and such.

Why do you turn this site into a house of lies??

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