People are starting to get way too creative with their smilies nowadays, I mean how the fuck am I supposed to figure out what ;0bd means? Are you happy? Shocked? Constipated? At least clarify for those who aren't as fluent in screen-to-face conversations by adding (amused, but at the same time slightly irritated by the sarcastic nature in which you wrote your response) or something afterwards, amirite?

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I think ;0bd is someone winking with a really big nose licking a baseball cap.

Suzywaos avatar Suzywao Yeah You Are +10Reply

it looks like someone with two thumbs up and winking to me

yeah that one kind of looks like some twat got punched in the face

TommyUK1234s avatar TommyUK1234 Yeah You Are -1Reply

It looks like a whole person. the b is the body with an arm and the d is the legs with the foot.

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