Guys: If you were a girl youd be bisexual, amirite?

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If I woke up tomorrow and was exactly the same except physically I was a girl then I would be a lesbian, you know, on account of not being attracted to guys thing.

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How the hell are you supposed to know? I know right now I'm straight, so I assume I'd be a straight girl. That's the closest guess you can get. It's not exactly a choice, so you can't really know if you would or wouldn't be.

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I like how we're the only people that voted and we're both girls.

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I think you mean people never pay attention to those

If I were a girl, I'd be a slut...

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eh. if i could. i would be.

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It's hard to say. As a straight man, right now I am attracted to females. Honestly, sometimes I wonder how girls find men attractive. In general, I think guys look gross. However, If I were a female, I may see men as attractive. Then again maybe not.

Who am I kidding: tits.

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