Whether it was the book or the movie, whatever came first is always better, amirite?

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Holes was amazing for both the book and the movie. It's the only adaptation I have seen where they didn't leave anything out or add ridiculous details

That's because the universe is tailored for the first one. The Incredibles is based around visual effects and other stuff you can only get with video and sound, so the book sucked. Harry Potter was based around story line and stuff that can only be conveyed properly with words and with more than two hours, so the movies would have sucked if not for the visual effects.

I think the movie A Clockwork Orange is far better than the book. Same thing with the Godfather.

I'm actually not sure how I feel about this. The book of Jurassic Park came first but I'd have a really hard time deciding which of the two is better.

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I dont think i could decide between the Lord of the Rings movies or books; both are epic.

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Forrest Gump is an exception.

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I saw Warm Bodies and loved it, so I read the book and I didn't like it much.

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