It's annoying when someone is acting really goofy on a YouTube video, and people in the comments say shit like "omg man he's so fucking high." Ok, if he was high, he would be chill and laid back, not a crazy jokester amirite?

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YouTube comments are generally annoying no matter what the video is about.

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You can get high on stuff other than weed you know.

@Thumper You can get high on stuff other than weed you know.

People usually don't say they're high when they're on other stuff. Like when someone is on meth, they say they're tweakin. When someone is on ecstasy, they say they're rolling/thizzin. When someone is on coke, they say they're blown. Heroin they say they're noddin. Obviously you could say "I'm high on meth" but unless the drug is specified, it can be assumed they're talking about weed.

Unless he was on uppers lol :b

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