Two girls wear the same shirt: “She copied my style!” Two guys wear the same shirt: “BRO!”, amirite?

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It depends if you like her. If it's your friend you're like "Omg we have the same thinking! Besties!" If you hate her you're like "That BITCH! Well, I wear it better..."

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I think it'd be cool to see someone with the same outfit as me

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For girls it's more like: "Oh my! We're practically twins!"

I once saw a guy at the mall wearing the same shirt as me...it was extremely awkward

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Hmm. What kind of shirt was it? If I saw a guy wearing the same t-shirt as me, I'd probably have a happier reaction. But this guy in the mall was randomly wearing the same button-down as me...it just seemed like an uncomfortable coincidence. I was also quite an awkward kid at the time...so maybe it was all in my head.

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Sounds cool. And sorry but that's what you get for being all athletic and muscley. Be a dweeb like me and you can fit into stuff from when you were 13.

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Do it and take a pic. I was already like 5'11'' and 54kgs at 13 so that's probably why I can do it. By the way the metric system is icky I can't believe you just made me use it

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