People who when they get embarrassed their face turns red: You hate that moment when it first starts turning red because your face gets hot and then you realize it's turning red which makes you even more embarrassed, amirite?

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And it only gets worse when someone yells out ' you're turning soooo read ' and I just hide my face (x

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This really only happens when I'm really nervous. My face gets really hot and I usually think it's turning red but I always ask people and not once have I been told that it actually turns red.

Whenever I'm embarrassed my ears turn bright red. Specifically my left one. I was at a tournament for a school club once, and when I was speaking I was super nervous, and when it was over my mum came up to me and was like, 'You know, it's pretty fascinating watching all the blood rush up to your ear.... it turned briiight red! You should probably hide that.'
Good times

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