It's funny to think how a couple hundred years or so ago "S" was written as "F" in English writing. Reading literature written back then could potentially be very amusing. "Eliza felt af though the life waf fucked right out of her and all fhe could fee waf the fagging remnants of her once happy ftate of exiftence.", amirite?

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It wasn't every s it was only 'long s' that was written as a letter similar to f.

My name is Eliza ._.

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@My name is Eliza ._.

Did you feel as though the life had been fucked out of you?

That looks like an editor's worst nightmare... but it's hilarious! y smilie

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Only some S's, and there was actually a subtle difference between the "long S" and the F--the long S wasn't crossed all the way, while the f was.

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