I don't understand why gay kids and lesbians have to "come out" to their parents and friends. I didn't sit my mom down one day and was like "listen mom...I'm straight" its dumb. Just bring your girlfriend/boyfriend home and if your parents aren't accepting of it, then forget them. Because what kind of parents are they anyway, amirite?

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You didn't tell your mum that you're straight because, gay lesbian and bi people being in the minority (less than 10% of the population), heterosexuality is assumed until something indicates otherwise. I'm not saying that's how it should be, but that's how it is.

And parents need time. Even if they have nothing against gay people, it's still a bit of a shock to find out your own kid is gay, and they probably had a lil dream in their head of you growing up and marrying the opposite sex and having kids, and now the future they thought you'd had is changed slightly. Parents of LGBT kids need time to think about it and adjust, coming out and introducing your partner at the same time is way too confrontational.

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OP is retarded. Heterosexuality is the default "state," if you will. You only need to come out if you're gay because everyone will assume you're straight otherwise.

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In our culture, you're straight until proven gay.

In this day and age, it's true gays are being more acknowledged and accepted than ever before; but we still live in a society where being gay simply isn't the norm, whether you like it or not. As much as you'd like to live in a world your post describes, that simply isn't the case, and the sooner people realize this, the better.

I'm also tired of people saying to "forget your parents" because they don't approve who you're dating (this is assuming they didn't "forget you" first, if you know what I mean). Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but your parents always have been there and always will be. There's so much more to the world, to your life, and to yourself than your sexual orientation, and your parents were the ones who introduced you to it all. So what if they don't agree with who you date (again, assuming they haven't excommunicated you; that would be completely different), they're still your parents, and have loved and will love you longer than any boyfriend, girlfriend, or even spouse ever will.

inb4 "some people are actually AFRAID of their parents, think of that?"

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OP, this is just a silly comparison. Heterosexuality is assumed to be the norm, so you don't HAVE to come out. That's all part of straight privilege. Secondly, sexuality is a big part of people's identities so children probably want to let their parents know. Thirdly, not all homosexual people have partners; just as you can be straight and single, you can be gay and single.

It is not "dumb", and to be honest it's pretty ignorant and disrespectful to say so. I'm sure many gay people don't exactly enjoy it either.

Edit: I'd also like to add that it is a pretty bad idea fo gay people to "bring [their] girlfriend/boyfriend home and if [their] parents aren't accepting of it, then forget them". Some parents are more heterosexist than others and need time to adjust before being directly presented with a partner. Being able to just totally detach from your parents at will may be possible for you, but it is a luxury not all people have. They may be financially dependant, could end up homeless, don't want to risk being disowned and cut off from family they DO like, or maybe they still genuinely love their parents despite their unnacceptance and want to get on well with them?

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Its funny how this post is positive when OP is such a fucking moron. As a whole body the Amirite community tends to be very "Anything and everything pro gay is an absolute must and no other views exist"

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@Its funny how this post is positive when OP is such a fucking moron. As a whole body the Amirite community tends to...

I agree that people are probably upvoting this because of the cheesy pro-gay rhetoric at the end, and not because they agree with the first statement, which is nonsensical, but I don't agree that "no other views exist" on amirite. Posts saying shit like "it's okay to be homophobic if you don't act on it" get upvoted on here all the time.

I like how most of the people pissing on this post are anon, it makes your point so much more substantial..

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Is it just me or are gay people really whiney?

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