When a girl complains how some really skinny girl (not anorexic skinny) should put some meat on her bones, she's really thinking, "God, why is she so much skinnier than I am!? She's gorgeous!!" When a guy says that he's really thinking "Oh, girl, you better put some weight on that body, you're getting me too fucking horny!", amirite?

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OP: "I'm incredibly stupid."

Ten bucks OP's a skinny girl.

Not gonna lie, this made me laugh.

Oh no, it has nothing to do with the fact that we might genuinely care for someone and want them to be healthy. It's the sex.

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By God, this was so stupid...
I have a feeling this was written by an extremely insecure person.

lolwut smilie

Haven't had the chance to use this in a while.


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in a parallel universe

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.....in some cases

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