The Day of Silence is actually really stupid. Sure, we're remembering the people who had killed themselves because of bullying for being gay, but that isn't going to make people realize how they shouldn't do these things. They're not going to wake up in the morning thinking, "Oh! I shouldn't make fun of that kid today!" It's not going to make kids come out and expect everyone to respect them. Besides what's the point of being silent, your silence isn't helping anybody now or in the future, amirite?

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It's a choice you make. Nobody is forced to do it, so you don't have to.
But those who do show their support. It's symbolic. I have a lot of gay friends, and for me its a way to live life for a day in their shoes. It's spending a day not being able to stand up for yourself, not being able to gossip to your friends about some cute guy you saw in the hallway. A lot of gays and lesbians can't tell their friends or family who they like or openly comment on who they think is cute for fear of being bullied.
Then, at the end of the day, when you can speak again, it's symbolically breaking the silence. It's showing how you can speak up no matter what your sexual orientation.
Look, you may think it's stupid, but the silence can actually help people to understand. Maybe not a bunch of people, but one person is still a difference.

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At least there's people trying. I would rather see people try and fail then to never try at all and complain

It's raising awareness. There are a surprising number of people who don't care about LGBT people, even if one of their friends is one. This is supposed to highlight that it is still a problem by making aware that suicide and homelessness rates for LGBT teens is way higher than the rate for straight cis teens (OK, ALL suicide and homelessness is a problem, but the fact that it happens more to certain minorities is very indicative of attitudes towards them). Heterosexism awareness is really important because there are still people who actually believe it isn't a problem, or that it's actually OKAY.

It also means a lot to LGBT people. For many of them, they struggle through these issues feeling alone and unaccepted. This is a way for them, and others, to show they care and for them to 'connect' with other LGBT people or allies. It isn't for the bullies. It's for the LGBT people who are still alive.

(If you sang that last bit, don't worry, I did too).

@Chou It's raising awareness. There are a surprising number of people who don't care about LGBT people, even if one of...

Oh, I like to add that, that said, SILENCE perhaps isn't the best method. Really, the best thing you can do for LGBT people is be an ally. You don't have to go to parades or contact your MP or whatever. Just calling people out of heterosexist behaviour is enough. The amount of peole who'll say they're "not homophobic" but will laugh at anti-gay jokes, won't bat an eye when someone says "faggot" or the like, will stare at gay couples in the streets... it's phenomenal. Those people aren't allies.

Agreed. Put it on the shelf with Autistic Pride Day and Labor Day.

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Even though it's a day of silence it's not really silent at all. Yeah the message is powerful but when we did it at my school so many people were asking what it was for, and I was able to show them the pass with the reason on it. So I think it does raise awareness, even though it won't just stop the bullying it's a start.

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