Whenever you finish a book that took you to another world, it leaves you feeling somewhat empty for a while and takes a little while for you to come back down to reality, amirite?

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This is exactly how I was when I finished Percy Jackson&The Olympians and The Hunger Games. It was like waking up from a dream.

@RunThePacific This is exactly how I was when I finished Percy Jackson&The Olympians and The Hunger Games. It was like waking up...

I absolutely bawled at the end of Mocking Jay. I think that must be the key... It's the books where the characters change so much because of the things that happen to them. Or when you find out what happened to them to make them the way they are, such as with the Fifty Shades of Grey series I am currently reading. It is just indescribably saddening.

The story of my life. This was how I felt after reading The Help, The Book Thief and The Hunger Games.

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I read the Ender series for 8 hours a day from almost when I woke up until right before I went to bed for a week. I was so confused when I returned to normal life.

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It sucks going back to reality.

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That's why I love starting a series and having all of the current books. I've been able to read A Song of ice and Fire books one after the other. I guess I just have farther to fall, though.

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A song of ice and fire was ridiculously like this

What book are you talking about?

@SkylarOctavious What book are you talking about?

There have been several books that have left me feeling that way.

The Night Circus. My god, I CRIED when I finished that simply because it meant the illusion was over.

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That was me after reading The Hunger Games.

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I have read this great book called TheTravistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the moral, spirital, cultural, politicial and economic decline of the United States of America by John Coleman. I feel that everybody should read this book so people can understand how we are being manipulated by our government, religion and politics etc. That's reality! Also read this in title Propaganda by Edward Bernay.

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This is actually how I feel after seeing The Avengers.

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