Obama: I like Coca Cola. Fox News: Obama declares War on Pepsi. Amirite?

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New Romney ad: "I'm Pepsi and I know it … please like me."

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A fox news joke? This is new and refreshing.

I can't credit as I'm on the mobile site, but it's from Tumblr.

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Or improve Pepsi profits as a bunch of Obama-hating Republicans strive to boycott the company which has Obama's support.

Fantastic =D

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Actually only Congress can declare war, but the President can make war (decide where to go, what to do, etc.)

Fox messes up a lot but they're not that bad...they just don't always think about what they say first

And don't act like far left biased news sources aren't guilty of "exaggerating" quite a bit too

It seems like wig today's news you pick whichever bias you prefer, anther that's liberal won MSNBC or conservative with Fox. None o them do a good jab at staying neutral.

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@You forgot *of :P

Nice catch. Probably should have just not commented... So many mistakes.

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The 14 No Ways are Republicans

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@The 14 No Ways are Republicans

Sir/madam, I would like to remind you that Youtube is that way. ---->

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