It's irritating when after someone posts their opinion and another person somewhat angrily disagrees with them, the original poster gets offended and says "amirite.net is an opinion website, so you shouldn't be such a dick just because I posted my opinion." You're right, amirite.net is an opinion website. Which means your opinion can be criticized severely based on another person's opinion. It's pretty simple logic, amirite?

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I hate that everywhere online - when someone goes 'it's just my opinion' - well duh, that's so obvious it goes without saying, but be prepared to back it up.

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There is a difference between critisizing one's opinion and getting personal. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion however stupid it may seem to you, there is no need to offend anyone or call them names.

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@AntiJokeChicken Toughen up you dumb slut.

Yeah cause insulting people online is real tough. You need to stop being the asshole that you are, if you find some stupid comment from a stupid loser you don't need to share your mark; after all it is just a stupid person on the Internet. But maybe you choose to do so- not letting a random person's comment slide- because it make you feel better about yourself. In that case, you need to toughen up and have a life, cause that is just sad.

Hey cool, some user with a lame meme username called me a slut. I suggest you put it in your achievements book or something.

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Opinions don't have to be constructive.

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Criticism doesn't necessarily have to be constructive, hence the term "constructive criticism.".

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Did you just make a post about how annoying it was when people made posts about defining amirite?

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