Male barnacles are mostly penis. On Spongebob Squarepants, they typically use "barnacles" as a swear word. So, "load of barnacles" was "load of dicks," "barnaclehead" was "dickhead," and "Barnacles!" was "Dicks!" This might sound like mere speculation, but when you remember that Stephen Hillenburg was a marine biology major, it makes sense that this was on purpose, amirite?

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Hahahaha.... mermaid man and barnacle boy.

MaryKateBurnetts avatar MaryKateBurnett Yeah You Are +14Reply

on porpoise? ;)

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I think its shit. it load of shit. shit head. shit! sounds better than dicks.

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And the fact that Spongebob was supposed to be an adult tv show.

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"Patrick, your genius is showing."

eldoritos avatar eldorito Yeah You Are +1Reply

this is a genius observation!

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