It seems like when you grow up with a certain movie series, or tv series you get so used to seeing it around and hearing about it, that when it ends, you're actually pretty sad about it, even though you were so anxious to see how it would end, amirite?

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I'm always conflicted with every series I watch that I like. With HIMYM, it's like I want him to meet the mom and I don't at the same time.

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I wouldn't say that one... I mean things you've been watching since you were like... 9 or something. Like Shrek or something

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I've been watching House since I was twelve, though, so I like to think I sort of "grew up" with House. Even though it wasn't as much a part of my childhood as Pokemon and Harry Potter were, it was part of my adolescence, which is just as important as childhood. Does it matter if it was childhood, adolescence, or the teen years, though? If something's been around for a while and you're always hearing about it and watching it, and then it ends, you're GOING to feel something, no matter WHEN you started watching it. I was upset when Harry Potter ended, both the books and the movies, I was upset when House ended─I actually thought the God damn bastard was dead for a minute there and I cried about it. Freaking bastard─and I started liking both those things at totally different times in my life. I don't think it really matters WHEN you grew up with something, because there are different kinds of growing up, not just the ones from child to teenager and teenager to adult, but kinds that change who you are as a person. And if, in that period of "growing up" you start watching or reading something, then it ends, it's still going to upset you. Does that make any sense?

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Lol, yeah. I know what you mean, completely. ^^

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