When you are feeling down, don't listen to depressing music. Listen to happy music and go for a bike ride and enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy every second of your life. And don't waste it, amirite?

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This kind of thinking pisses me off when I'm sad. When I'm not sad it's just silly to because there's really nothing wrong with being sad. It's an emotion, I really think we should embrace the "negative" ones more often.
I love having a great, emotion and thought filled cry.

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It's actually really important to let yourself experience your emotions. Not to say that you shouldn't be grateful for your life, but repressing your feelings is really bad for you.

That'd probably make me feel worse. I'd feel soooo alone after I get home.

Yeah, I'm with the first couple of commenters on that. That kind of thing only works for me as a solution when I've let myself feel sad first.

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goes outside for a bike ride It's raining cats and dogs.

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