If a movie or book has been out for more than five years, you should be able to talk about it without people bitching about "spoilers" because they've had more than enough time to read or see it if they really wanted to, amirite?

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Unless they r in the middle of watching or reading it for the first time and u know they r, then its still pretty rude to talk to them about it

I still haven't read Hunger Games, and it's really annoying when people tell me what happens. It's not that I'm too lazy to go to a book store, I just don't have the time to pick it up and read it.

And besides, you shouldn't give out spoilers no matter how old the book or movie. Some of my friends haven't read or seen classics, and I never tell them what happens unless they ask. It's just basic courtesy.

I didn't even know Percy Jackson existed until after the fifth book came out.

How was I supposed to read something I didn't know about?

And what if it's just not a priority? People have things to do besides spending over 100 hours watching a tv show they just learned about just so that they wouldn't get spoilers.
If they're being overly obnoxious about it, that's a problem, but it's a personality issue then, not a "you didn't join the fanbase in time" problem.

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