We should remove the negative conformity of society and embrace one another as how we emerged from the womb, in order to truly remove our judgmental views. In other words, we should totally get nekkid to see bewbs, amirite?

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This post would be less horrible of you hadn't spelled naked and boobs the way you did.

For the first few years it'd be really awkward bumping into people, but after that it may or may not be fine other than 3.5 billion women attacking each other over wearing the same thing (birthday suit)

Before replying please take into account that I'm joking.

@If you had to write that it was a joke, it probably wasn't very good

A lot of girls take these jokes too seriously, so I wanted to remove all doubt. It's not like they can see my facial expression or hear me laughing after they read it.

Something tells me you are 13 or under.


The first part sounds like a bunch of bullshit buzzwords and the second part is obviously bad.

The 5% of the population that I would enjoy seeing naked would never make up for the 95% of the world I would have to see naked if everyone was a nudist.

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