The "I don't give a shit" attitude always wins, amirite?

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Not in school...or jobs...or relationships....

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Tell me that after you fail school cuz you don't give a shit.

So long as you genuinely don't care. If you're just pretending then it'll bite you in the ass

rowannes avatar rowanne Yeah You Are +5Reply

I was going to vote YYA, but I don't give a shit.

Thumpers avatar Thumper Yeah You Are +3Reply

MOST of the time

yebra1031s avatar yebra1031 Yeah You Are +2Reply

It does if you don't give a shit about how much of a tool you are for resorting to that in an argument.

I find apathetic behavior unattractive. And people also say that apathy is a sign of suicidal thoughts in a person. But that's just me.

and then the failure killed himself out of misery.

Aw, man, I feel stupid.

Adoreas avatar Adorea Yeah You Are 0Reply

Hasn't failed me, yet.

HopeImrites avatar HopeImrite Yeah You Are -3Reply
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