It's kinda cool whenever you're watching a tv show and the people have something exactly like what you have. Eg. The same mug or plate, or are wearing a t-shirt that you own, amirite?

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I wore a talking backpack first. Fuck you, Dora.

I once saw a pair of pants I owned on Hannah Montana

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I used to have a slinky shirt, and it was the same shirt that Juno wore in the movie.

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I saw a guy on a disney channel show wearing a tank top I have. It was strange, because it was a girl tank top.

My backpack was the same as Neds in Ned's Declassified. cool smilie

My curtains were the same as Alex in Wizards of Waverly Place.

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Haha, the reason I posted this is because I was watching Mad Men today and I have cups exactly like one Don was drinking out of :)

Pretty little liars always seems to have the books and folders I have http://ctrlv.in/86734

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it's so cool when I see a girl fingering herself, and I think "ZOMG I love to do that too!!!". It makes me feel so happy about my favourite pastime.

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