People who say hashtags when talking face to face are really annoying, amirite?

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Or people who use it anywhere else than Twitter.

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How would one do it?

"Haha man did you see me score that point? Hashtag skillz"

My chem teacher does this occasionally just to annoy the shit out of us.
"So these acids ionize individually, one ion of hydrogen at a time! #striptease!"

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Thank goodness I have never seen anyone do this.

On the local radio in my city, they pull pranks called "war of the roses" where they try and catch people who are cheating on their significant others. There was this one guy whose fiancé was prostituting herself via Craigslist and they called to confirm that. They had a big argument and at one point she said " Yalls just jealous cuz I'm hashtag THUGGGIN".

I use it as a joke all the time, and personally find it funny. People take things way too seriously sometimes. Haha.

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