It's possible for someone to be pro-choice but against abortion. You can keep your personal and political view separate and support what's best for the country, amirite?

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You know what's not fair? Getting raped and having people around you telling you you're a bad person because you don't want to look at your rapist's baby for the rest of your life. What else isn't fair? Being in poverty and not having the option of aborting a child that you know you can't look after and would have to see go hungry every day of its life. What do you want that person to do? Have the kid and give it up for adoption? Put it into the already far too fucking full system and see if it does any better? "If someone wants to have an abortion then let them do it the dangerous way, fuck their lives." Just because someone isn't ready to have a child, or gets raped, or has an incestuous relationship doesn't mean their live deserves to be risked to have an abortion. And, why is it YOUR decision whether they have an abortion or not? Why do you get to choose for them when you don't know the majority of people world wide, so why should you choose how they live theirs? I personally would never have an abortion, but I understand other people want or need them. Have some fucking respect for freedom of choice.

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"LOLOL stupid argument is ridiculously stupid."
And yet you still felt the need to carry on with yours.

You know, it's people like you who seem to actually hate women no matter what they do that make me fucking sick with the world. What, you expect women not to have selfish notions of, oh, I don't know, choosing if they have to carry a child in their body for 9 months and looking after it afterwards? Because human nature is selfish. We've all been selfish at some point. "since some girls get raped we should protect all sluts who go around fucking everyone".

Yeah. Some people do have unprotected sex and get pregnant. But in some cases that's because they've been poorly educated. For one second please acknowledge there are people out there living their lives seperate from your view of how people are living and that's fine. People should be able to do as they please, to an extent.

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You can't expect someone to live with a consequence of their actions if there is a simple way not to.

You're not killing a child, nor are you picking on a child, if you don't allow a child to be born, by that logic everyone who had ever used contraception is a murderer.

If you had been aborted, on a scale of 1 to 10, how upset would you be right now? How about when you got aborted, how upset would you have been then?
I mean, you remember being conceived right, because you had all that sentience and your mind was fully developed?
Aborting something that hasn't grown into a child is as much murder as eating a vegetable seed is the same thing as eating a vegetable.


Exactly. I believe abortion is wrong, but I don't expect everybody to share my beliefs. Plus, I know if it were ever illegal abortion would still continue, just more dangerous. And it's not fair to make someone have the baby in cases of rape or if the mother's life is in jeopardy.

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See that's when it gets into the area of what is life? Is it after 3 months of pregnancy? After so many days? The heart forms after 21 days, doesn't it? Does it make it okay to kill someone who is asleep? Wait no no, does it make it okay to kill anyone... they're not going to feel anything after... because they're dead... if someone is in a coma, should you kill them? If they're mentally handicapped, is that grounds for murder? I wouldn't be upset if you killed me now, because I'd be... DEAD. Aborting a kid is a lot like those things.


Well in the end the man isn't the one birthing the baby... now is he?


I'm selfish yes, most people are yes. But does this nature of mine require me to act upon my selfishness? NO. Does it give me the right to go out and murder other people? NO. Killing a baby is in fact murder and just because they can't afford to get lawyers, doesn't give you the right to slaughter them. I'm sorry. This whole not picking on those who are weaker than you may come be a concept too great for your small brain to comprehend, but it's a BAD thing.

Sex can give you kids, that's not a concept that's hard to understand. If you have sex knowing that, then you should be prepared to face the consequences....


Women who have abortion are, yes.


It's not fair to expect the mom to love her child more than her own life? It's not fair for people to have to make any sacrifices? Everyone should just live in their own self absorbed world where everyone looks out for number one. Enabling "choice" is as bad as killing babies. If someone wants to have abortion, then let them do it the dangerous way, fuck their lives. I don't see you protecting murderers... and they kill people who have actually done something evil in their lives. But people who slaughter innocent babies are okay? We're living in such a civilized country :')


LOLOL stupid argument is ridiculously stupid.

Why does the government tell me not to steal or murder or rape? Why are they determining my life? Oh no, the government is taking over we're becoming USSR. The government shouldn't tell me not to rape other people, it's my fucking body.

Since some girls get raped, we should protect all sluts who go around fucking everyone. Let's not practice self control, nooo... how can we expect people to control themselves, we're animals after all, and yet we live in a "civilized" country. We have to have sex after all... that's the only thing we can do. We have to have sex and we have to either kill the baby or let it die. There is no option here where people who are unprepared for a baby go without having sex.

We expect murderers to control themselves, thieves, liars, all these people should control themselves, but women shouldn't be expected to practice any self restraint?

@KickAss LOLOL stupid argument is ridiculously stupid. Why does the government tell me not to steal or murder or rape? Why...

Why are you acting like men don't bear any responsibility for choosing to have sex? They are just as responsible for the consequences as women, yet you act like it's the woman's fault alone.

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Lets use my example of the woman having complications to the point where the baby is literally killing her for the sake of agument since this does happen to poeple and can be applied to real life and also for the sake of agument say that abortion is illegal and is labeled murder to take your opinion into account now lets say a woman with these complications "murdered" the baby illegally because it was killing her under these terms she has the right to claim self defense and if this were an actual live attacker instead of a baby no one would claim she was wrong or a murderer. There are cases where abortion is sometimes the right thing for somebody because like in this example I feel someone should have the right to save r own life. And in other examples where death isn't the outcome for th mother unless an abortion takes place I feel they have the right to make a better future for themselves or not have to face looking into the eyes so similar to the one that haunt her every night .

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is it possible to be pro slavery but against it? no. pro choice means pro murder

Killing babies is what's best for the country?

@KickAss Killing babies is what's best for the country?

I see where you are coming from, and although I respect your opinion I have to wholeheartedly disagree with it. I am anti-abortion you could say, but I am still pro-choice. In my ideal world people would all want to keep and love and care for their babies but I am not so arrogant to say that my opinion is the only correct opinion or that I have the right to tell people to do what to do with their lives and bodies. I also know that this is not my ideal world because in that world there would be no REASON for abortion in the first place. There would be no rape or sex slavery, anyone taking part in incest (between consenting adults) would take proper care to avoid it with multiple forms of birth control. And that anything not between consenting adults or hell even willing teenagers wouldn't happen so there would be no rape or molestation period. In this ideal world women would have an off switch that they could pull when they didn't want to get pregnant. I know however that this is NOT my ideal world. People get raped or even just skip the bith control sometimes. Women have babies inside them that they don't want or (which is worse in some cases) they do want ...

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@KickAss Killing babies is what's best for the country?

If you can't support a child, don't have sex....

If a murderer doesn't have the right to decide who gets to live, then why should a woman? I mean some murderers are MEN after all.

@KickAss Killing babies is what's best for the country?

Yes, but we don't have the right to do as we want with our bodies... otherwise I would be able to fire guns in public places... because it is MY body. Why can't I rob people? My body wants to rob people, why are you denying me of my basic rights?

And I'm not being arrogant, murder and robbery are illegal in most parts of the world, is that also due to arrogance? Maybe it is, according to you

@KickAss Yes, but we don't have the right to do as we want with our bodies... otherwise I would be able to fire guns in...

It is not the same as theft or murder. Some of these women know with all of their being that the situation they are in is not safe or fair for a baby. Some of these women also know how flawed the adoption system is. Why is it fair for the CHILD to suffer in a bad situation? This is NOT the same as a violent crime. And also for the woman who found out the baby she tried so hard for is killing her the one who has to make the hardest decision or her life not have the right to choose? Why do you or anyone else get to decide whose life is more important?

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