One of the greatest things in life is when the teacher says, "partner up!" and TWO people ask to be your partner, amirite?

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Only if you can determine one without hurting the other person's feeling.

I've actually ruined a situation like this. Two friends sitting next to me asked to partner up with me and I told them I'd pick whoever gave me the best offer. Then they picked each other and I got stuck with a weird kid haha

Well, there was a time in sixth grade I was good friends with two people who didn't like each-other and we had to pick partners. That wasn't fun...

I wouldn't know what this is like.

@HarryPotterFan777 I wouldn't know what this is like.

Exactly. It never happened to me. I'm much too quiet.

Its even better when 3people ask. And then argue ovr u. It makes u feel so loved

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