We've all had that teacher who hates us for no apparent reason. amirite?

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I had a teacher my freshman year who would openly say that I dressed like a slut (my shorts were not even that short, there were other girls' whose were up their asses) and she would make me, when I entered the room, hold my hands at my thighs to see if they were appropriate. I have never been so mortified in my life.
Everyone in that class talked a lot, cuz it was geometry and she's a shit teacher right. So then whenever I talk, she will pick me out and stick me middle front right in front of her.
When I missed something on my test, she would show how to do the problem, and she would say, "don't do what Alayna did, that is not at all correct!" and she would openly chuckle at serious math questions I would ask her.


Then when that year was finally over, she said to her students the following year that she only had one student that she ever hated (and that it was me), and that her name was Alayna.

I'm like... you're cool.

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I thought my teacher hated me for no reason once! Turns out he was just madly in love with my mother and wanted to save me the whole time.

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Nah, I usually give them a reason :)

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I had a teacher who gave me a B on a project I had thought I'd done well on. It was about birthdays in other countries. I had like, twice as much information than most people.
When I asked why I had just gotten a B she said it was just not as decorated as some of the others.
I lost a letter grade because it wasn't pretty enough.

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