Ron should have ended up with Ginny, amirite?

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They look so alike it would be perfect!

Courage_Wolfs avatar Courage_Wolf Yeah You Are +58Reply

Meanwhile, in Arkansas...

not sure if this is a joke or legit...

skye531s avatar skye531 No Way +33Reply

Their child would undoubtedly be ginger.

@Harper Their child would undoubtedly be ginger.

I know, saxybandgeek. I already said they were going to be born a ginger!

@Harper Their child would undoubtedly be ginger.

Actually for a child born of incest, the chance of it having birth defects only raise by a few percentage points.

Axolotls avatar Axolotl Yeah You Are +3Reply

inb4 'omg u idiot dey r brother n sister!'

Suzywaos avatar Suzywao Yeah You Are +26Reply

Incest is wincest.

nah, fred and george were the perfect couple

Fan fiction? ;)

Bloody Hell.

Hahahah I actually fcking laughed so hard

Your dumb.

Rain96s avatar Rain96 No Way -4Reply

At least there aint no niggers in my harry potter book

Anonymous -9Reply
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