In addition to a democratic voting based on people's opinions, it would be better if elections were based on the IQ ratings of political leaders as well, amirite?

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Social and Emotional intelligence are also extremely important. In fact, for a president, they might be more important than book smarts.

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I wouldn't want them to be dumb as a bag of bricks, but them being average or smart doesn't really matter. Just because they're smart doesn't mean they're going to make good decisions, and as someone already stated, I'm sure there's a lot of corrupt political leaders who had extremely high intelligence.

I think it would be better if we used on them lie detectors.

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I'd have to say "high IQ" isn't really the most important thing in a leader but considering how lacking that is in many leaders it would be nice if we had smarter leaders.

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Hitler was quite genius, an excellent speaker, and quite a remarkable leader. That doesn't mean we would want Hitler as the President of the United States, or just about any other country in this day and age.

FDR wasn't as intellectual and book smart as Herbert Hoover, yet he did much more for the country and seemed to make better decisions even while inheriting the Great Depression. I don't think IQ really matters.

High IQ isn't all that's important. Obviously we wouldn't want to elect someone who has no idea what's going on, but 5 IQ points won't make a big difference as long as both candidates have high social and emotional intelligence. Besides, IQ is proven not to matter past a certain point.

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