You've more or less come to terms with it now, but there was a point in your life when the thought of dying, the knowledge that one day you would stop breathing, feeling, and thinking forever, was incredibly terrifying, amirite?

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I'm STILL terrified at times.

StacytheHarlots avatar StacytheHarlot Yeah You Are +13Reply

I still haven't managed to grasp the concept. No one should be able to. There is no possible way to understand what being dead is like, and there are very few people who are okay with the fact that they will die eventually.

names avatar name No Way +11Reply

Whenever I over think about death, I begin to over think everything and then I have a mental break down.

Boufakas avatar Boufaka Yeah You Are +9Reply

The thought of my death never scared me. It's the death of all those I care about that terrifies me.

Just thinking about it still gives me mini panic attacks.

jens avatar jen No Way +7Reply

As a kid, to fall asleep, I'd try to clear my mind and picture pure darkness and think nothing. And it would scare me that that would be like what death was like- just nothingness...

mliasuxs avatar mliasux Yeah You Are +3Reply

So, who needs sleep anytime soon

Trishs avatar Trish Yeah You Are 0Reply

Nah. It doesn't really bother me. I figure it'll just be like it was before I was born.

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