No one even cared about the book Fifty Shades of Grey until they did a skit about it on SNL. Now it's ridiculous that some libraries are banning it. If someone wrote and it was published, there is obviously an audience that wants to read it, amirite?

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No. People knew about it way before then.

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Ok. I have read all three books in the Fifty Shades series. I have read books that have worse scenes in them. I work at a library, and I know of some books that have some pretty rough stuff in them. The thing about Fifty Shades is that it is always consensual, unlike the scenes in a Lisa Gardner book where a little boy is getting raped. The wording is very tasteful in it, unlike the book Dark Places where is very much blunt and explicit with its sex scenes. My boss and I were talking about it and she told me the beginning of the book she was currently reading involved a woman being tied to a bed and raped by man after man after man.

People are making a big deal over Fifty Shades because of it involves BDSM, but there is actually very little of that in there. Honestly, the only thing that happens with BDSM is he ties her up and spanks her, all of which she consents to and likes.

It's a romance novel. There is sex in it, just like the majority of other romance novels. I personally do not think it should be banned, and I am glad that the library I work at has not banned it, and always tries to fight against having to ban books.

That is my two cents worth.

I thought it was an all right story, but it was lacking technically. You know, grammatically and such.

@Cnhaegyreonm I thought it was an all right story, but it was lacking technically. You know, grammatically and such.

I agree, there were parts that made me cringe. The author's style irritated me at a couple of parts. I disliked how she kept repeating phrases. He did this and her breath hitched, she did that and his breath hitched. Overall I thought the story line was good. I like how it involved a bit of mystery and danger. After a while the sex scenes got repetitive. By the third book, I was getting tired of the sex scenes and just wanted to get to the good part.

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