People who have tried drugs: You've told yourself at one point in your life that you'd never try drugs, amirite?

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Well...yeah, but at that age I also told myself I'd never smoke or drink or have sex either, and I changed my mind fairly quickly about those things too.

Pretty much the day I found out what drugs were my thoughts were: "I don't get it, what do they do? Surely they must do something good if so many people can't stop doing them. I'll wait until I'm a little older and try them and find out."
Turns out I still didn't get it after that, and told myself I wouldn't do drugs again.

@Truuninja Pretty much the day I found out what drugs were my thoughts were: "I don't get it, what do they do? Surely they...

@mchalla: Depends on what he did. I'm guessing he smoked cannabis. Personally, I think it's one of the best things I've ever done and I would never regret it for a second. It's probably better than it sounds because you just can't accurately describe it to someone. But, like he said, it affects people differently. I know a few people who claim to get "high as a kite" when they smoke, but also claim to have virtually no effects compared to what I get. I'm just lucky, I suppose. If you can get some cannabis from a source you absolutely trust, be supervised by someone you absolutely trust, aren't the kind of person to take things overboard, and don't need to pass a drug test for a few weeks, I say you should try it. There's honestly no harm that can come of a time or two; barring a few insane factors not having to do with the cannabis itself.

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I thought I'd never try drugs, and when I finally did I realized what I'd been missing out on. Drugs rock! The only people that disagree are depressed people, or people who have never tried them.

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I managed to read "bugs" instead of "drugs." It was a tad confusing for a second.

I did, but I was ignorant and made a decision without any of the facts. Who would've thought drugs would turn out to be my biggest passion? (tied with weaponry) Society has such a sad view on drugs, and I'd absolutely love to be able to educate people more. And I don't mean I love drugs like Snoop Dogg loves drugs, I relate more closely to people like Albert Hofmann and Aldous Huxley. There's almost nothing more interesting to me than how our senses can be manipulated because our brain tells us what we see/hear/feel/etc. It's amazing how we can alter our minds and bodies with drugs, and I don't mean in a bad way.

I'm only upset that much of the world remains ignorant and uneducated on the subject. Also, that I can't do any more drugs. I've only ever done cannabis and dextromethorphan hydrobromide. I'd have loved to get into psychedelics, but I made a promise to someone extremely important to me that I wouldn't.

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@What a cool guy.

I don't understand the sarcasm and overall negative response to my comments.

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