It'd be cool if our hair had a slight tint change with emotion, like it got darker with sadness, brighter with happiness, redder with anger, paler with guilt or nervousness etc. amirite?

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It would be pretty cool, but it'd make lying a lot harder.

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It's bad enough my face turns bright red from embarrassment AND PEOPLE ALWAYS POINT IT OUT WHEN IT HAPPENS ;___;

Well even though it's a common misconception that chameleons change colour in order to camouflage themselves, they in fact change colour according to their mood. So let's get some genetic engineers to splice some human and chameleon genes, shall we?

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our faces already do that though, kind of.

Playing poker would never be the same

I'd like this with eye color as well.

My mom would yell at me if my hair turned a little darker or red...

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