My teacher shouldn't be allowed to make it mandatory for his students to make a Twitter and follow him, amirite?

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I think the poor man just wants followers...

Chewbanshees avatar Chewbanshee Yeah You Are +36Reply

That's not as bad as my friend's math teacher, who wants their phone numbers! He texts them weird things like, "Roses are red, violets are blue, other kids have done their homework, why haven't you?" Isn't that creepy?!

cookiedoughs avatar cookiedough Yeah You Are +28Reply
@cookiedough That's not as bad as my friend's math teacher, who wants their phone numbers! He texts them weird things like...

That's is incredibly creepy. I could understand having the teacher's number if they were a chorus teacher or a band teacher where they might notify you about performances or something, but a math teacher is kind of weird.

Statefarms avatar Statefarm Yeah You Are +9Reply

At my school, the teacher could get in trouble for that. It's a strict policy and in no way can teachers communicate with others on websites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc.

coolstorys avatar coolstory Yeah You Are +25Reply

My Euro teacher makes us all get a Skype so we can have class calls during snow days, which is not only creepy but also downright cruel.

ctiscoolers avatar ctiscooler Yeah You Are +19Reply

actually, that would be pretty amusing, knowing what you're teachers do when they're not at school. but at the same time, it's overwhelming creepy.

J_A_C_Ks avatar J_A_C_K Yeah You Are +6Reply

Our band teacher adds people on FB and twitter and texts them during class. He got fired.

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Last year I took a course where the whole class had a group project, and the teacher told us to add the group or whatever on FaceBook.

I don't FaceBook and I sure as fuck wasn't making one just for this dumb course.

Simons avatar Simon Yeah You Are +3Reply

I guess it depends on the use. My English teacher wanted to have a Twitter feed or a blog where we could discuss the assigned reading.

Most schools highly discourage that. My cousin is a teacher, and her school tells her she shouldn't even make a twitter/facebook, let alone give it out to students...

Apple_Pies avatar Apple_Pie Yeah You Are +1Reply

The teachers in my district aren't allowed to even remotely add students until their Graduation date. The teachers at my school show us pictures on their Facebook sometimes and they say "Do NOT add me. I will decline you. It's a strict policy with this school district that you do not add me. I will add you after Graduation.",... I just think it's pretty dumb though how you aren't allowed to add a teacher who isn't even your teacher anymore. My 6th grade English teacher added all of her students after 6th grade ended and the School District forced her to delete us right as we were beginning our Freshman year. I was like "seriously? But you aren't even our teacher anymore!!!"

I think that it makes a ton of sense. If there was a website called School4U.com and it was a website where you found teacher profiles from schools all over the state/province and you had to create your own and find that teacher so that they could send you daily or weekly notifications on schoolwork and tests that would make a lot of sense. Now imagine the website is called twitter instead of school4U and it was chosen because teachers new some students would already have one.

One of my teachers made it clear to everyone in class one day that no one was allowed to follow him on Twitter.

Cpt_McMuffins avatar Cpt_McMuffin Yeah You Are 0Reply

I had to do this for my french class... We have to tweet to my teacher in french 3 times a month for a homework grade. It's really not that big of a deal as she doesn't follow us back.

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