You know your drug deal has gone horribly wrong when you ask your dealer for a gram of coke, and he says 'Is Pepsi ok?', amirite?

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A gram? Pssh. I want a 42oz cup. YOLO

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You know a fast food purchase has gone horribly wrong when you ask the cashier for a Coke and he says, "Is Pepsi okay?"

Or if you ask for some crack and he sets you down on a chair slowly and lowers his trousers even slower.

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And you know it's a whole new level of wrong when they don't even offer you the Pepsi, but an RC cola.

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Then it's time to stop dealing on the playground and move onto the streets like a real man.

Now why did this one have to be anonymous ! .... I hate it when the witty ones stay hidden

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Do we consume the same Coke? Mine always says "12 fluid ounces" on the can.


Montana how can you say how coke is measured everywhere? Maybe that's just how they do it in canada.

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