The only reason the Hufflepuffs are so far behind on Pottermore is because when people get placed in Hufflepuff, they get upset and make a new account. Stop it. All the Houses are unique and you should be happy no matter which one you get sorted into. amirite?

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Why do people care so much about this? Every House is based off of a good trait:
Gryffindor: courage
Ravenclaw: intelligence
Hufflepuff: kindness
Slytherin: cunning

Also, none of them say that you can't have the other House's traits, it's just the one you best exemplify. Hermione was a genius, but she was a Gryffindor. Luna Lovegood was really brave and kind, but she was a Ravenclaw. It doesn't say that much.

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I'm in Hufflepuff and proud of it!

i just made an account, when/how do you get sorted?

Actually, we Ravenclaws have the least members. The Hufflepuffs even have more than the Slytherins.

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I'm a Hufflepuff... It's not. Just because it's not thought of in the movies or books doesn't make it bad. Slitherin is the worst, and I think most people can agree on that.

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