I think that petting my cat has made me better at giving head. It makes sense, though; You become so much more keenly aware of what the object of your attention likes and learn to focus on the little things you can do to make them feel good, amirite?

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Oh....my....god. For some reason this killed me..

Chewbanshees avatar Chewbanshee Yeah You Are +11Reply
@Chewbanshee Oh....my....god. For some reason this killed me..

Hahaha I was having some fun with this one.

insachels avatar insachel Yeah You Are +1Reply
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Makes me think that's why I'm good at it, too.

Myranias avatar Myrania Yeah You Are -1Reply

I will never be able to look at my cat EVER AGAIN.

Was anyone else expecting a pussy joke?

DFletchs avatar DFletch Yeah You Are -1Reply
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