You wish you knew a bunch of languages but you are too lazy to learn them, amirite?

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More like I can't afford a bunch of Rosetta Stones.

There are so many languages I'd love to learn, but after four years of high school Spanish classes I still probably couldn't hold an actual conversation in Spanish, so I'm not sure how successful my other attempts would be.

I hate Spanish teachers in schools. Every year, you have to make that family tree, no matter who your teacher is, and they all treat you like you're five. ):

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I speak English, Tamil, Mandarin (Chinese), Malay and some Chinese dialects because I grew up around people who speak those languages. I guess it helps when you start out young.

I'm now trying to learn my 5th language, Greek. Haha

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This is why I wish I lived somewhere besides America. It's idiotic to teach someone a foreign language when they're in high school.


@Anon, the best time to learn a language is supposed to be from birth to age five, which is before most people even start school.
In my school district, we had mandatory Spanish classes in elementary school and practically none of it stuck.

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