Socially awkward people: if you've ever tried to get advise on how to make friends easier, they were like "just start a conversation with someone" and you were like "out of no where? But like... how?" It's funny how some people can naturally talk to anyone they meet about anything but some people need to have something going on to comment on so they can make conversation, amirite?

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I usually give out a compliment and the conversation flows from there. I used to be very awkward but that helped.

For some reason, it's so easy for me to talk to new people. I always end up talking to some random person in the girls bathroom at school xD

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"hey, whats up, im (insert name here). extend hand"

I did that with people before, the whole giving a introduction or compliment. We became friends WAYY later and I asked what they thought about me doing that. They said they thought I was a weirdo who was trying to hard and I was a bit over the top.


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