Girls: You believe beauty is on the inside and don't care about looks and would much rather have the sweetest, most caring guy ever that's not extremely hot, than a jerk who's kinda cute, amirite?

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Well yes but there has to be some level of physical attraction. But sometimes that is influenced by a good personality

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I actually lol'd at "troll that had eaten an even larger troll."

You are lying to yourselves and the amirite community.

However I do agree the inside is more important than the outside, I still care about looks. That's usually the first thing you're attracted to.

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When I start liking someone everything they do is attractive.. Even their looks. But I probably would never have started to like them if they were extremely gross

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Most people go for looks first and pick out of that group who there's mutual attraction with and THEN out of that group who they get along with best.

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Call me a bitch, but I care about looks. If I could choose whether my future husband/boyfriend could be cute or ugly, I'd obviously pick cute.

Your comparison is a bad example, because "not extremely hot" and "kinda cute" could be the same thing. The way you worded it, the first guy might actually even be better looking than the jerk.

And even if the comparison was better, I couldn't honestly answer the question without knowing the guys personally. There's lots of factors that can make you date somebody other than just "cute" or "sweet."

Yes, but if it was between someone completely deformed with an amazing personality (like Quasimodo) and a complete jerk who was really hot, would you really want to date either one?

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awe here is your karma points, quit lying, have you seen this guy?

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Good for you, being honest! y smilie

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