In the movie The Avengers, it was a little reckless for Dr. Banner to stride up to the jet in his normal form and only at the very last second morph into the Hulk and stop it. It would have been awkward if in the middle of Captain America telling him to get angry the jet put on a sudden burst of speed and ran Bruce over. "Doctor Banner, now might be a perfect time for yo...oh", amirite?

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He shot himself as a human and lived. I doubt there's much, short of the jet beheading him, that could fatally wound the guy.

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Yeah, I didn't see it as a jet... it was more like a space-whale.

I would also like to point out that it wasn't a jet. Although I do agree with your assessment. There are many such moments found in pretty much every movie in the history of film, where characters do unnecessary things for dramatic effect.

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