Using your cell phone after your parents send you to bed is the new version of playing pokémon after your parents turn off the lights. amirite?

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If your parents send you to bed, you're too young for a cellphone.

Which was the new version of reading under the covers with a night light.

Anchored17s avatar Anchored17 Yeah You Are +7Reply

You still get sent to bed? Haha!

@AntiJokeChicken You still get sent to bed? Haha!

I don't, i was talking about the people who do.

Blucatts avatar Blucatt Yeah You Are 0Reply

i don't get sent to bed unless i'm being loud or it's ridiculously late

kay_nic1695s avatar kay_nic1695 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I still play Pokémon in bed at night... even though I moved out a year ago ;P

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