If being a stay at home mom is considered a full time job why should the father have to help with the kids when he gets home from a job that actually pays money, amirite?

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So the mom works a 24-hour job, and the husband only has to work a 8-9 hour job and then gets to relax and do nothing? I...no.

Maybe because they are his sperm manifested through flesh?

Not to mention she's doing a 24-hour job with no pay while he works for 8 hours and brings home bank. I feel like he is doing the easier part.

Well, both of them have been working- the mother at home and the father at a place of business (presumably)- I don't think that once the father get's home the mum should just dump the kids of him, but they should share the rest of the night's responsibility so it's fair. Also, as someone pointed out-it's pretty important that the father actually spends some time with his kids and bonds with them so they develope a healthy relationship.

Because there's bonding that goes on during that time. Isn't that kinda important?

You are correct.A stay at home mom doesn't get paid so...they need to at least help the kids, while dads away for 8-9 hours at work.

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Um... Because he decided to have a child and thus take on the responsibilities that go along with it?

The mom doesn't stop taking care of the baby when the father comes home. Both parents should participate in the care of the child when both parents are available, not just one.

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