although theres "nothing to worry about", you still dont feel comfortable eating the green potato chips. amirite?

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At least D.W. lived after she ate one.

Well, if there's only ONE green potato chip in the bag, I probably wouldn't feel comfortable eating it.

Potatoes make glycoalkaloids, chemicals that protects them from insects and fungi. They are more likley to produce these chemicals when they are damaged or growing new plants, when they go green and sprout from their eyes.

One of these chemicals is called solanine, a poison made by deadly nightshide (a member of the same family, Solanaceae, along with tomatoes).

Solanine poisoning resembles gastroenteritis, so vomiting, pooping, and generally upsetting symptoms. The CSIRO says that, seeing as the symptoms are the same, some undiagnosed cases of gastro might be due to green potatoes.

Mostly because of Arthur

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