"Hi" and "Hey" have become so common that it sounds geeky and old-fashioned to say "Hello," amirite?

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Unless your picking up the phone. Then it's completely normal.

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I say hello all the time. wary smilie
I don't think it's really geeky, but it is kind of old-fashioned.

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I always feel so formal when I say hello to people.

rilaras avatar rilara Yeah You Are +22Reply

I swear to god a second ago it said "Hay"

@Skr3wBall I swear to god a second ago it said "Hay"

Yup. I would never write hay. And I always check my posts for spelling errors after I've posted them. You're just insane :P

Favvkess avatar Favvkes Yeah You Are -1Reply

I usually say howdy doody... haha

@Truuninja place?

Have you ever heard the word "commonplace?" I just looked it up in the dictionary and it turns out it's one word, not two, like I thought. I guess i could ask a mod to get rid of "place" altogether since it's not really necessary and you don't seem to be familiar with the word...

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@Truuninja place?

I wouldn't worry about that, there are thousands of words I don't know, but people use them in amirites all the time.
They just do not care.

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