You wish you could come up with something clever and original when someone asks you how you're doing but instead you're stuck with 'Fine, you?' (or an equally meh variation) amirite?

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I hate it when people are like "You know, trying to survive"

I usually just say "better than you" and then they inquire which starts more of a conversation.

I'd say "You know that feeling when you're tilting back in a chair and you tilt too far and start falling but then you catch yourself? That's how I feel."

i usually say "AWESOME" even if I'm not awesome because i like how they go O.O

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I usually say I am absolutely fantastic, or just wonderful. Or something along those lines.

I normally say something ridiculous like "Good cause I stopped Hitler from killing all the jews." Then they'll be like what?.........and that's how I met your mother.

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