It's strange that I'm asked to take art classes in order to be well-rounded. Why don't the liberal arts kids have to take engineering classes to be well-rounded, amirite?

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We don't have to take engineering, specifically, but we do have to take logic, natural science, and math classes.

Also, at my college, the engineers were exempt from taking art and literature classes. Which I thought was complete bull because I had to take a computer programming class as a language major. shakes head

I really hate the art requirement...
As someone who would take nothing but art classes if possible, it bugs the hell out of me when someone who doesn't want to be there is in the class.
Sitting through a monologue preformed by someone who really doesn't care, or worse being paired up with them for a scene, is painful.

I am a liberal arts student, and regardless of whether you're an econ major or vocal performance major, you are required to take a classes in all disciplines (lab course, natural science, social science, etc). We have a 'quantitative reasoning' requirement, and even though I'm a Spanish major, I took Calc 2 to fulfill that, though I certainly could have taken an engineering class instead. The whole point of a liberal arts education is to be well-rounded, which includes math, science, humanities, and art.

I think there are certain classes everyone has to take to help ensure people are studying what they're interested in. Some people discover interests they never knew they had that way. Engineering, though, is pretty specific... It's not really the kind of thing you can pick up in a survey class.

Most people have already tried math and science before, in high school. A lot of people never try art because it isn't required. I think the point in requiring certain classes is to get people to see if they might like something else more than what they're doing, or if they have a talent for it.

In engineering, you would have to have taken years of previous math classes to understand the course. In art, it's easier to take a class and still understand what's going on as an amateur.

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