Its pretty arrogant of religious folk to think that the all powerful creator of the universe provides for their daily needs and completely neglects starving children. amirite?

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But when you think about it... It's humans that cause that problem anyway. We could stop that kinda thing if people just took time out of their lives to try and actually help instead of just talking about it.

@Kasanova I don't think humans cause it, I'm not even sure we could help everybody.

There's enough food in the world to feed every single person on Earth, but it's not being distributed correctly.

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If large corporations starting paying taxes that money could help out quite a lot of starving kids.

Actually if every person who has surplus money payed more then there would be no starving kids.

Let's just instate global communism!

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Well coming from experience we built our mosque from donations from our community, and we offer things to people outside of our community (donations) so I don't see why this religious building has to pay anything when the government hasn't given it anything to begin with.
I'm not to sure where churches stand but if they are not funded by the government then they should not have to pay a cent to the government because it would be like picking a random group of people who frequent a building to pay taxes...

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I'm sorry I don't know what churches you're talking about. I don't know of any pastors who live in million dollar homes, and the church maintains itself through use of the offerings for maintenance, missionaries, and community work. And in response to this post, while yes we do believe that God provides for us, we also believes He gives us the power to help others with what we here in America have been blessed with. It's not as if we completely disregard the fact there are poor people on this planet.
I'm really sorry if I have been rude in any way, I don't mean to offend anyone. I just wanted to give the perspective of someone who goes to church.


Adding on to what the church-goer said, who cares if they have cushy lives. I wasn't aware you had to donate all your belongings to try and help.
And yeah most religious people understand that they live good lives and are thankful for it.

stop criticizing other religions. Oh, and shut up

I think OP just gave me cancer. I feel she's probably 13

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I prefer to think that the universal creator is sick of catering to our every whim and has started ignoring us all equally.

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